We are makers of one of a kind, steel fire bowls that are sure to provide you with warmth, a focal point for your landscape and entertaining, or a sure way to catch admiration if you want it.

Described as the most comfortable fire you’ve ever sat around, the raised design and steel bowls radiate warmth keeping toes and hearts warmed and the raised fire mesmerizing. Our fire bowls will bring friends and family together year round providing warmth and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

At Muskoka Fire Bowls, our goal is to help you relax and enjoy entertaining with your friends and family around a beautiful outdoor fire. Our fire bowls also make grand entrances, focal points, and are sure to impress at resorts or public installations. They are also great in the winter time for outdoor activities!

Our Firebowls are built to last.. At 3/16″ thick steel, and large enough to have a real fire! our bowls are built to last generations and are substantial enough to draw awe and admiration. They also offer portabiltity and the most enjoyable outdoor fire you’ve ever experienced. Year after year after year! You will not find a more durable and long lasting piece of artwork and functionality. You will be pleased you bought a Muskoka Fire Bowl and you will enjoy countless years and memories while enjoying the company of friends, family, and the outdoors around your beautiful firebowl.

The Best Firepits in Canada & USA


  • Muskoka Fire Bowls – Wood Burning Fire Bowl- 42” or 36” Diameter
  • Raised bowl design lets you tuck your toes under it. It warms toes and legs and is the most comfortable outdoor fire you’ve ever experienced, providing more warmth with less wood than a campfire.
  • The spherical shape of our Muskoka fire bowl allows unburned pieces of wood which usually remain at the outside of a typical fire pit to naturally fall into the center, self-stoking the fire using 100% of the fuel for heat
  • Every bowl is unique with beautiful hand cut artwork
  • Muskoka Fire bowls make a striking landscape focal point, day or night.
  • Large design is perfect for outdoor entertaining even with larger groups.
  • Conveniently and easily moved, unlike a fixed location fire pit. It can be moved to a central location in the yard for a special gathering, or off to the side so the yard is free to play in etc.  (It’s great for weddings, winter sporting events, beach parties, special functions etc!)
  • Can be used with charcoal and a grill, or fitted with natural gas or propane burners as well.
  • Offered complete with heavy duty spark screens, and custom long handled pokers appropriate for the larger sizes of our bowls.